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Why community I hear you ask, well after being in the knitting & crochet industry as a designer & tech editor for over 10 years I have realised that many people would love to start a business based around their hobby, and so I now offer training courses for tech editing. 

My next venture is this, creating a community of people who all need or want to know each other socially or for business!  

If you are a designer you can find a tech editor or pattern tester. If you are a tech editor or pattern tester you can find designers. If you are simply interested in knitting or crochet and want to keep informed about the industry you can do that here....
Hot off the press>>> MAKERS AND SELLERS is a new category that we have added

This community was created to connect all of you together and to enable you to chat and promote yourself and your business. I don't want to create a lot of rules, other than respect for each other. Promos can be added to a weekly Facebook thread. 

AND I will be hosting regular zoom calls to keep updating and improving this community.

Are you joining me?

What You'll Get In The Cool Wool Community
Regular Zooms
These Zoom calls will be held fortnightly initially. I will be hosting calls on techniques, news from the industry, business tips, and  topics you would like to know more about - so get in and suggest topics for discussion  !
Guest Appearances
I will host Zoom sessions with people in the group, so you can showcase your business.  AND I have guest speakers lined up including top designers, people from the craft book and magazine publishing world and yarn companies
Profiles & Private FB Group
You can set up your bio in the membership area and mix with EVERYONE in Facebook. Contact who you like and be open to contact from others - this is a great way to expand your network and your business
Free Resources
These will include YouTube instructional videos, PDF's, Hints & Tips, free patterns and more
Access to my techniques workshops at discount prices, including Professional Finishing Techniques, Brioche Knitting and more. Crochet workshops are also on the horizon - so join up and let me know what you would like to learn. 
Special offers on my patterns and kits will be available during the year
** Plus until December 2022 PRICES HELD FOR 2023 - Get All The Above For £120 for a whole year or £15 per month ** 

What's Coming Up


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